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Mutual Admiration Society Live at The Bowl at Lime Kiln on 2004-08-17

Topics Live concert

01 - Intro (Lime Kiln Intro)
02 - Intro
03 - Sake Of The World
04 - Trouble
05 - Caleb Meyer
06 - Windmills
07 - Smoothie Song
08 - Son of Sam (Elliott Smith cover)
09 - La Lune (Sean Kennedy; Woodburning Project cover)
10 - Somewhere Out There
11 - This Side
12 - All I Want
13 - Anthony
14 - Going to California (w/only JPJ and Sean)
15 - Drive By
16 - Nowhere
17 - Ode to a Butterfly
18 - Courage
19 - Dam Would Break
20 - Reasons Why
21 - Taxman
22 - Comes a Time
23 - Think About Your Troubles
24 - The Fox->Immigrant Song (tease)->Drone->Subterranean Homesick Blues->The Fox
25 - Gallows Pole (Last Verse Power Amps Blow)
26 - You Don't Have To Move That Mountain (Acoustic)

Collection MutualAdmirationSociety
Band/Artist Mutual Admiration Society
Venue The Bowl at Lime Kiln
Location Lexington, VA

Source Stephen Paul Audio Modified AKG-C33E->Lunatec V3->Hosa ODL-312->JB3
Lineage JB3->PC (Via Firewire)->Wavelab4.0g (Level adjustment to compensate for blown circuit on last song)->CDWav (Track'n 'n Flac'n)
Taped by Chris Berryman (
Transferred by Chris Berryman (


Mutual Admiration Society are:
Glen Phillips
Nickel Creek
John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello and the Attractions)


Visit to purchase Glen's CDs and many other great CDs


Reviewer: knoxduff - - May 15, 2006
Subject: incredible night
I'm so glad to find this show!

The Lime Kiln is a great place for a show and what a fabulous outing this was - listening to the show takes me back to lexvegas - check out the after show too - gotta love the crickets chirping in!
Reviewer: Fejj_Namrevo - - April 3, 2006
Subject: Way to go, Chris Berryman!
What incredible sound quality! I was introduced to Nickel Creek's music when they opened for Lyle Lovett a few years ago here in Boston and fell in love with the melodies. They're do amazing live shows, as does Glen Phillips. This concert and the recording sound like they were made for professional release, almost. Very clear, very glad I downloaded it. Now I have to go find other Chris B material here!
Reviewer: remfan6989 - - February 19, 2006
Subject: Great show ruined by poor sound quality
Star ratings based on audio quality only!

This show has a fantastic setlist and sounds great. I think this may be the best show they ever put on, however the sound quality doesn't do it justice.

The music is much louder than the voices, so you find yourself struggling to make out the words. The bass is also too high.

Great show, but the sound quality doesn't do it justice.
Reviewer: Wheelchairphan - - February 4, 2006
Subject: Thanks Chris Berryman!
These really are some of the best recordings on the archive. This was likely the best show of the tour. A very attentive audience made this one that much more special. Almost zero audience chatter. Thanks again Chris.
Reviewer: m311ton - - January 24, 2005
Subject: WOW
What a spectacular show. The recording is incredible and MAS will knock you off your feet as usual. There is even fan interaction that is actually fun to hear, which is impressive because usually it's just annoying. The dialouge is clear, humerous, and personal yet it doesn't interfere with the flow of the show and the music is tremendous. You will find this entire show addictingly entertaining and you can't pass it over.
Reviewer: Nodnarb775 - - August 30, 2004
Subject: Awesome show
Wish I would have been at this show... But this is the next best thing. Great quality: you can hear the drums, the bass is clear, you can even hear the crickets singing along in the background... Awesome show!
Reviewer: baircub - - August 30, 2004
Subject: Great Recording!
I work for Theater at Lime Kiln and I really love this CD. Thank you for taping the show and sharing it with everyone.

Also, if anyone wants to learn more about Lime Kiln, go to
Reviewer: C_Fletch - - August 28, 2004
Subject: Great sound quality.
Recording is crisp and clear. Crowd is quiet during the songs and the band is tight. The music is great also!!
Reviewer: Lizzie5417 - - August 28, 2004
Subject: WOW
Wow, that was a GREAT show! I was there, and if you listen to All I want, the people that did the drive by CD thing was my and my family. You can hear me scream YEAH really loud in there! My favorite part was at the end when all of there equipment blew and yet the still were just as loud and we could here just as well without mics! I was AWESOME!
Reviewer: vindcon - - August 27, 2004
Subject: AWESOME!
I am an avid music fan and love the members of MAS. Concert going and collecting live recordings are my only hobbies. This concert was full of excitement and pure energy. I was in awe and could barely contain my elation. The after concert ÂConcert was a most memorable experience which left me with a sense of euphoria that has yet to wane. The recordings of this show and after show are near perfect and will allow me to relive this night for years to come. THANK YOU Chris & John! (Special thanks to Dave for turning me on to "Toad" so many years ago!)
Reviewer: GeesLiquid - - August 26, 2004
Subject: Great recording!!
I've been jonesin for some new music to listen to. This fits the bill. This group is tight and it's sounds like they are having a blast on stage. I highly recommend this one.
Reviewer: keorange - - August 25, 2004
Subject: Mutual Respect
what a find - I love your taping, it's given me a taste of what I missed being on the other side of the pond.

The quality of it respects your 'love' of their music, and MAS demonstrate their love of music (in all it's form) in your recording

Reviewer: jeffsetz - - August 24, 2004
Subject: WOW!!
Hey, this is a really hot show. I love Nickel Creek and Toad The Wet Sprocket. To get members of both bands plus JP Jones together is unbelievably cool. The recording job is 1st rate and song selection is sweet. The Going To California will give you serious goose bumps. Can't recommend this one enough.
Reviewer: DEDWILL02 - - August 22, 2004
I cant decide which was better the actual concert or the recording. Both awesom. Kudos to John, nice work. Now wait for the after Concert concert.
Reviewer: ElectricalAudio - - August 21, 2004
Subject: Simply Amazing
I've heard a few live recordings in my time and even done a few recordings myself. This show is simply stellar. Bar none, one of the finest performances and recordings ever (professional or amateur). The recording is more balanced than some professional releases I've heard, clear and crisp; yet powerful and not fatiguing. It has all the qualities of a perfect live recording: clear vocals, balanced instruments, good tone, right amount of audience level, right amount of ambience (which in this case is provided by some virginia crickets I believe).

Moral of the story:

Reviewer: olyrc - - August 19, 2004
Subject: Wow. Nice tape.
Crystal clear all the way through, nice balanced sound. Just about perfect. Download this one for sure!
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on 8/18/2004
Mutual Admiration Society
by Mutual Admiration Society
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Source: Stephen Paul Audio Modified AKG-C33E->Lunatec V3->Hosa ODL-312->JB3
Mutual Admiration Society
by Mutual Admiration Society
( 1 reviews )
Source: Stephen Paul Audio Modified AKG-C33E->Lunatec V3->Hosa ODL-312->JB3
Mutual Admiration Society
by Mutual Admiration Society
( 1 reviews )
Source: Stephen Paul Audio Modified AKG-C33E->Lunatec V3->Hosa ODL-312->JB3
Mutual Admiration Society
by Mutual Admiration Society
( 5 reviews )
Source: Stephen Paul Audio Modified AKG-C33E->Lunatec V3->Hosa ODL-312->JB3 / Audix m1290c > V3 (optical mod) > JB3
Mutual Admiration Society
by Mutual Admiration Society
( 16 reviews )
Source: Stephen Paul Audio Modified AKG-C33E->Lunatec V3->Hosa ODL-312->JB3
Glen Phillips
by Glen Phillips
Source: Sound HEB (DPA4061) -> Sony TCD-D8
Glen Phillips
by Glen Phillips
Source: Terk Antenna->Tivoli Audio Model 1->TASCAM DV-RA1000 24/44.1->Wavelab5.0 UV22HR->16/44.1
Glen Phillips
by Glen Phillips
Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6->D100@44.1khz
Glen Phillips
by Glen Phillips
Source: Terk Antenna->Vintage 1960's Lafayette Stereo Tube Tuner->TASCAM DV-RA1000 24/44.1->Wavelab5.0 UV22HR->16/44.1
Glen Phillips
by Glen Phillips
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Source: (FOB) Josephson C42mp->Lunatec 316->Apogee Mini-Me->Fujitsu P2110 via USB->N-track @ 16/44.1